St. Augustine Catholic Church



Deacon James R. Turner,Pastoral Administrator
502.584-4602 ext 2

Reverend Conrad Sutter, Sacramental Moderator
812 931-9303

Deacon Keith McKenzie, Permanent Deacon
502 541-9051

Velma Yocum, Bookeeper
502 584-4602 ext 3

Mattie Little, Parish Administrative Coordinator
502.584-4602 ext 4

Clemon Bell, Facilities Manager

William Harris, Music Director
Demont Belt, Drummer and Kenneth Farrell, Guitarist

John Churchill, Deacon (Emeritus)


Mary Holder, Chair
M. Annette Mandley-Turner, Vice Chair 
John Reed,  Secretary
Steve DeSha and Rose Ellis, Administration Co-Chairs 
William "Billy" Dishman and Laura Guest, Family Life Co-Chairs
Subrenia Lain and John Reed,  Evangelization Co-Chair
Janice Mulligan and M. Annette Mandley Turner, Formation & Education Co-Chairs
Gari Gordon and Mary Bridgett Gully, Service Co-Chairs
Joyce Frazier and Emily Mosby, Social Justice & Concerns Co-Chairs
Clarissa Dorsey and Genevieve Churchill, Worship Co-Chairs